Liberia: CSI Completes Eighth Surgical Mission

Children’s Surgery International (CSI) was in Liberia for its eighth surgical mission. The organisation, along with members of the Firestone Medical Centre Liberia team, performed operations that include craniofacial surgery, complex urological surgery and a variety of general surgeries on Liberia’s children, completely free of charge.

CSI board member and mission lead, Lora Stege Koppel, expressed her gratitude to the team for carrying out the humanitarian work. She noted that last year, as this year, the joint CSI and Firestone Medical Centre team performed 100 free surgeries along with educational sessions and hands-on bedside training for local healthcare practitioners. CSI and Firestone Medical Centre Liberia also conducted deworming activities for about 3,500 children from communities surrounding the concession area of Firestone before they started the surgical mission. Their aim is to bring quality healthcare to the people of Liberia.

CSI is a non-profit volunteer organisation that provides free surgical services in a safe and compassionate manner around the world.  Since its first mission to Liberia in 2010, the CSI medical team, in partnership with Firestone Medical Centre Liberia, has performed nearly 800 free surgical operations on the children of Liberia.

Source: Daily Observer

Photo source: ReSurge International


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