Liberia: CRS Provides Johnsville with Clean Water

The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) in Liberia has donated a water facility to a community in Johnsville, a suburb of Monrovia.

Development Diaries reports that the facility, launched and handed over by CRS in the New Life community, is expected to help deliver clean water to the community.

It is understood that the solar-powered facility, equipped with a self-contained water kiosk, is designed to produce affordable clean drinking water for the community.

According to a 2017 report, less than ten percent of Liberians have access to safely managed drinking water and sanitation services.

Then in 2019, access to basic sanitation coverage at combined urban and rural levels was recorded at 17 percent.

Meanwhile, the West African country is expected to increase access to basic safe drinking water services by 85 percent, a projected nine percent from the current 76 percent access.

During the handover event, the CRS Country Manager for Liberia, Abena Amedormey, said the water project significantly contributes to the government’s endeavours in delivering clean water to Liberians.

She highlighted the multiple challenges faced by women and girls due to the lack of access to clean and safe water.

Fetching water for household use is often deemed a female responsibility in Liberia, resulting in long walks to retrieve water, use of unclean water leading to health issues, and missed economic opportunities.

‘As CRS entrusts this modern and functional water facility to the government, we hold the belief that both the government and the community will collaborate to sustain the operation and maintenance of this facility, ensuring continued access to clean and safe water supply for our people’, Amedormey said.

The water facility will be managed by trained community members as the facility is said to embody a sustainable approach to ensuring access to a clean and safe water supply.

Photo source: FrontPage Africa


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