Liberia: CHI Urges Donors to Prioritise Women

Community Health Care Incorporated (CHI), a Liberian nonprofit organisation that focuses mainly on women issues, has called on the donor community to invest more of its resources and funding towards the solution of women related issues.

Established in 2014, CHI offers healthcare and social services to the underprivileged and the most vulnerable. Its mission is to work for socioeconomic development in communities. The Executive Director of CHI, Naomi Tulay-Solanke stated that investing in the health and rights of women will uplift women in the country. ‘Not just women rights and health but access to justice and land rights; women need to be empowered because when more women are, there will be a change in the community because they feel part of decision-making processes’, she noted. Tulay-Solanke also called on all women to stand behind each other especially women who have political ambitions.

CHI is about to open a medical centre with the support of the Japanese government. The new medical centre will focus on women’s health and will offer health services at affordable rates to women of childbearing age and children less than five years. Tulay-Solanke said, ‘[W]e are also going to have an awareness arm of [the medical centre], to have space where women can come in and we talk about your health, your wellbeing. We will be able to counsel you f[or] any psychological problem’.

Source: Front Page Africa

Photo source: H6 Partners


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