Governor Sani’s Allegations: EFCC, ICPC Should Investigate Claims

Gov Sani

The recent disclosure by Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State that the immediate past administration of Nasir El-Rufai left $587 million, N85 billion in debt, and 115 contractual liabilities must not be ignored.

Development Diaries reports that, according to Governor Sani, the huge debt has eaten deep into the state’s federal allocation and has made it impossible for the state to pay salaries.

Following this revelation is the allegation that Nigeria’s 36 state governors and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, cannot account for loan agreements and spending details of some N5.9 trillion and $4.6 billion loans obtained by their states and the FCT.

Dear Nigerians, the Kaduna situation not only reflects poorly on the financial management practices of previous administrations but also creates a challenging environment for the sitting governor to fulfil his promises and meet the expectations of citizens.

It would also lead citizens of Kaduna State to question the transparency and accountability of the government, leading to a decrease in trust among the populace.

Now that the people of the state can see that public funds have been mismanaged, how can they have confidence in the government’s ability to prioritise their welfare?

The same goes for governors, who cannot account for loan agreements or spending details of loans obtained by their states.

It clearly shows a lack of transparency from the government, which raises suspicions of corruption and, at the same time, erodes public confidence in the government’s ability to manage public funds responsibly.

When crucial financial information is withheld or mismanaged, citizens feel betrayed and become suspicious.

Restoring trust in governance in Nigeria requires robust systems of checks and balances, along with transparent reporting mechanisms, to ensure that public funds are used efficiently and for the benefit of all citizens.

Without such measures, the state of trust in governance remains fragile and susceptible to continued erosion.

Development Diaries calls on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) to investigate the aforementioned allegations and ensure those guilty of financial crimes are made to face the law.

Also, as a way to rebuild trust, we call on Governor Sani to ensure fiscal discipline and transparency in financial matters in his government.

Photo source: Governor Uba Sani


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