Enter: The Pat Clifford Award for Master’s and PhD

Deadline: 11 June, 2020

The Canadian Education Association (CEA) invites applications for the Pat Clifford Award (PCA) for early-career research in education in the 2020/21 academic session.

The award is administered by the CEA and recognises the work of emerging researchers in education policy, practice, or theory in Canada. This award is dedicated to the memory of Pat Clifford, who was active in research and teaching practice in Canada.

Clifford was one of the co-founders of The Galileo Educational Network, which is based in Calgary, Alberta. She had an extensive teaching background from primary through graduate level, and was the recipient of numerous awards for both research and teaching practice. She passed away in August 2008 but she left a gift to the world in her teaching, scholarly writing, poetry and stories. As a teacher, she was steadfast in her belief that each child had the right to succeed brilliantly, and brought to them her own love of literature, writing and history.


  • Formal recognition of awardees’ research at a public, education-related event
  • An invitation for awardees to publish a feature article about their research in Education Canada
  • Opportunities for awardees to develop additional knowledge mobilisation strategies with EdCan Network to maximise the impact of their work in the policy and practice fields


  • Applicants must be near the completion of a Master’s or PhD or have completed a Master’s or PhD in the last two years (from date of convocation) from a recognised Canadian university
  • Applicants may be from faculties of education or other related disciplines, school boards, provincial or territorial departments of education, educational or other organisations, or be research consultants
  • Applicants can either nominate themselves or be nominated by another person
  • Individuals with demonstrable promise in educational research as evidenced by completed research papers/projects, letters of reference, and any research awards or citations
  • Those who show promise of making a significant contribution to educational concepts, theory, policy and/or practice through their research, as evidenced by: the description of work, its importance and impact with respect to one or more of EdCan Network’s programme priorities, as well as plans for knowledge mobilisation and dissemination

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