Enter: The Future of Media Challenge

Deadline: 17 June, 2020

The Future of Media Challenge (FMC) is seeking for innovators with a passion for developing sustainable digital solutions that will transform the media industry in Uganda in one or more of the following ways: strengthen customer and user understanding across media platforms, how media houses might leverage digital content and platforms to increase revenue streams, and shifting from traditional business models to reflect new trends in media business, brands, etc.

The challenge is seeking to explore pathways to optimise digital platforms of existing media houses or explore new media pathways of generating revenue. This creates an opportunity for innovative and relevant products or services that will revolutionise the media sector.

The Innovation Village (IV) in partnership with Nation Media Group (NMG) is running the challenge to develop and showcase innovative solutions that can be scaled to address these challenges.


  • Partnership: Ideas/solutions accepted for the challenge will stand a chance to be piloted with NMG
  • Mentors and networks: Teams will undergo support with leading media specialists, business mentors and connections to strategic partners
  • One-on-one training: Teams will receive one-on-one business training from experienced industry leads
  • Continued support: Ecosystem connections through the organisers’ network and peer advisory


  • The participating team should share a visual representation or mock-up designs of their proposed solution
  • The team should consist of members with various skill sets, demonstrate added value, and cohesiveness
  • The startup should have a good idea of the business model envisaged for the solution, with a good idea of the key resources needed to grow the solution
  • The ingenuity of the solution or improvement of existing technology-based process is key

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