Enter: FINISH Mondial Sanitation Challenge Contest

Deadline: 05 June, 2020

Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) Mondial is an ambitious, six-country WASH programme aiming to substantially scale up the access and use of safe sanitation in Africa and Asia.

The FINISH approach ensures that people are aware of the need for a safe and durable toilet, people want to buy one, it is built and safely managed by local people and furthermore, is affordable. To date, FINISH Mondial has constructed over 1 million toilets (and counting!), providing access to safe sanitation for well over 5 million people. FINISH Mondial understands that existing sanitation systems must be affordable so that millions of people in developing countries, which do not have proper sanitation facilities, will invest and own one. They continue to innovate and (incrementally) lower the cost of existing sanitation technologies to be able to reach scale. Further, they strive to make sanitation facilities available and affordable to millions of people in the developing world. To achieve this, FM is organising a sanitation contest and challenging innovators to come up with ways to bring the cost of a sanitation system further down.

This contest is based on the premise that, amongst other factors, lack of sanitation coverage (in rural populations of developing countries) is due to lack of innovation on cost reductions, to make them more accessible to the masses. FINISH Mondial invites applicants to rise to the challenge and propose an innovation in one or more of the components of an onsite sanitation system to facilitate the installation and usage of toilets in developing countries, preferable in one of the FINISH Mondial countries (India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia).


  • First prize: €3,000 + actual implementation of your solution in one of the FINISH Mondial countries (other than the country you have first worked out the solution)
  • Second prize: €2,000
  • Third prize: €1,000


  • A sanitation system comprises a super-structure (the ‘house‘), a meso-structure (slab/pan/seat) and a sub-structure (for each of these categories the solution may apply)
  • As part of the competition, technical designs, instrumentation, graphic presentation and bill of quantities of different solutions will be part of the competition package
  • FINISH Mondial is looking for cost reduction in sanitation in one or more of the three following elements: super-structure, meso-structure, and sub-structure

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Photo source: FINISH Mondial


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