Egypt: Citizens Have Right to Voice Concerns over Economic Crisis

The crackdown on Egyptians voicing concerns over the economic crisis in Egypt is unacceptable, as it suppresses freedom of expression and hampers the country’s ability to address its economic woes effectively.

Development Diaries reports that between January and March 2024, four cases of arbitrary arrest and detention of individuals who complained about price hikes in comments on social media were recorded, according to Amnesty International.

We also understand that, in addition, dozens of employees of a public sector company who took part in a strike in February and demanded to be paid the minimum wage were questioned by Egyptian authorities, with two of them currently being held without cause.

Egypt has been grappling with a severe economic crisis, and amidst this backdrop, the government has implemented a crackdown on individuals voicing concerns about the economic downturn.

Dissenters, activists, and journalists expressing criticisms or calling attention to economic grievances have faced harsh reprisals, including arrests, intimidation, and censorship.

The government has utilised a range of tactics to stifle dissent, from legal charges to social media surveillance, creating a climate of fear and self-censorship.

This crackdown on dissent undermines freedom of expression and also obstructs the possibility of constructive dialogue and solutions to address Egypt’s economic challenges.

By silencing voices of dissent, the government risks further alienating its citizens and worsening social tensions.

Development Diaries calls on the Egyptian government to respect citizens’ rights to free speech and peaceful assembly and release anyone who has been unjustly imprisoned for exercising these rights.

Source: Amnesty International

Photo source: WorldFish


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