Daariz App Records Impact in Horn of Africa

At least 350,000 children and adults in Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya are learning to read and write in Somali with a free language app.

Development Diaries reports that the app, Daariz, developed by Sahamiye Foundation, has achieved remarkable feats in addressing low literacy rates across the Horn of Africa.

It is understood that over 70 percent of late primary school students in the region cannot read nor understand a simple story in Somali language.

This has been impacted by the low school enrolment rate, the absence of rural schools, and recurring climate shocks that have left many children out of school in the region.

Daariz was designed to help in-school, out-of-school children and adults achieve functional literacy in Somali language within a short period of time.

It combines fun, interactive games, and personalised feedback with a reward system, making learning enjoyable and engaging.

The app’s offline access has critically enabled more women and girls, who face significant educational barriers, to acquire literacy skills remotely.

About 48 percent of Daariz learners are women and girls which is significantly higher than female school enrolment in the region.

‘Daariz fills a critical gap in the Horn of Africa, providing accessible and engaging literacy education where it’s most needed’, Capital News quoted the founder of Sahamiye Foundation, Ismail Ahmed, as saying.

‘The 350,000 learners is not just a number, but a testament to our shared belief in the transformative power of literacy. Each person represents a story of resilience, potential, and a brighter future’.

The organisation’s vision is to unlock the potential of every learner, regardless of their location or situation.

Photo source: UNICEF Ethiopia


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