CentreLSD Conducts OGP Training in Oyo

The African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) has begun training in open government partnership (OGP) for 80 state and non-state actors in Oyo State, southwest Nigeria.

Development Diaries reports that CentreLSD is conducting the training in partnership with MacArthur Foundation under its ‘Deepening Transparency and Accountability in the Governance Process through the Implementation of Open Government Partnership in Nigeria’ project.

In a statement, the organisation’s Programme Coordinator, Lawal Amodu, said the project would also involve the development of a state action plan (SAP).

It is understood that the capacity building is targeted at about 40 state government actors and 40 civil society organisations (CSOs) in Oyo State.

The event is meant to bring the actors in the state and the CSOs up to speed with their understanding of the OGP principles to facilitate a smooth implementation of the SAP.

The OGP is an international initiative aimed at promoting open governance, citizen empowerment, fighting corruption, and harnessing new technology to strengthen governance in member states.

According to the OGP data, five out of 16 commitments have been completed by Nigeria.

As of today, a total of 25 states have signed up to the OGP.

Photo source: Centre LSD


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