Bobrisky vs Portable: Quenching ‘Fire’ in Brotherhood, Sisterhood

The Nigerian social media space has been on ‘fire’ since a best-dressed female award was presented to a cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky.

While I thought I had heard the last of it, popular singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, took matters into his own hands because he disapproved of the award to Bobrisky.

Since then, it has been ‘gbas gbos’ between Bobrisky and Portable, with the singer ‘dragging’ the cross-dresser in a diss track.

Listening to their leaked verbal exchanges, what caught my attention was when Bobrisky threatened to arrest Portable and his mother.

Bobrisky’s threat reminded me of how quickly some Nigerians threaten each other with police arrests at the slightest provocation. Some even invite the police over baseless claims to score some superiority points.

I am calling out Nigerians who do this with their full chest. Stop it! Stop using the police for personal vendettas or ‘beef’, like we would say in our local parlance.

Make una stop am!

The job of the Nigerian police is mainly to protect the property of citizens and each person’s life, prevent crime, and enforce the law.

I am also calling out the police. Make una no allow anybody, no mata dia position for society, use una effect unlawful arrest o.  The police should prioritise and allocate resources wisely to better serve the community and enhance public safety.

And as a citizen, I should feel confident that I can seek assistance from the police without fear of arbitrary arrest or harassment, especially for non-criminal matters.

Before I go, our dear cross-dresser, abeg try dey calm down, as there is no need for police or arrest in this matter. Try to settle your ‘dispute’ with Portable without involving the police.

Let’s live in peace in brotherhood and sisterhood.


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