‘I Am Not Complaining’: Key Takeaway from Governor Otti’s Comments

State governors in Nigeria bear the weighty responsibility of leading their states towards progress and development amid the economic downturn.

Development Diaries reports that Governor Alex Otti of Abia State, southeast Nigeria, recently said in an interview that he met the state in bad shape, but he is not complaining.

‘Absolutely, very, very bad shape, but I am not complaining. I have folded my sleeves, and I am just dealing with what I met here’, he said in an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Thursday.

That is what is expected from political leaders instead of playing the blame game.

While it is tempting to point fingers at the shortcomings of the previous administration, political leaders must learn to prioritise action over blame.

Nigeria faces numerous socio-economic challenges, from infrastructure deficits to unemployment, and the electorate places their trust in their leaders to effect positive change.

To solve these urgent concerns, other governors must concentrate their efforts on developing creative policies and putting in place effective governing structures, demonstrating their leadership capabilities by initiating concrete solutions to the challenges in their various states.

Development Diaries calls on state governors to step up to their responsibilities and also build public trust by encouraging a culture of accountability and responsibility within their administration.

We also call on citizens to demand good governance, accountability, and transparency from their leaders.

Photo source: Alex Otti


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