Battle of the ‘Cooking Throne’

I did not know that a ‘cooking throne’ existed until Guiness World Records announced today that Nigeria’s Hilda Baci had been dethroned.

Of course, the country’s social media space has been abuzz with reactions to the news that Hilda no longer holds the record for the longest cooking marathon in the world after just six months.


As Nigerians reacted to this breakfast served at lunchtime, one word got me thinking: dethroned.

I am sure that Guinness World Records did not announce that Hilda had dethroned Lata Tondon in June to emerge as the record-holder for the longest cooking marathon in the world.

Hilda broke Lata’s record, and that is what Alan has done โ€“ break Hilda’s record. But Alan should have at least waited till next year before embarking on this journey, to allow Hilda to celebrate Christmas with her ‘cooking crown’. Lol.

This development shows the ever-evolving nature of records and the endless pursuit of excellence. The world continues to be a stage for remarkable achievements, where new challengers arise to break barriers and inspire the next generation.

Anyway, Hilda remains a Guinness World Records breaker. At least no one can ‘dethrone’ her from that crown.

Photo source: AP


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