Attend: Women and Girls Africa Summit 2020

What: Women and Girls Africa Summit 2020

When: 15–18 November, 2020

Where: Durban, South Africa

The Women and Girls Summit (WAGS) aims to prepare women of today and tomorrow to take on key leadership roles in all areas and across all industries to ensure that Africa realises its full potential.

The summit, which will take place at the International Conference Centre, Durban, South Africa, from 15–18 November, 2020, will offer unique opportunities for participants to network with leaders and key influencers from across the world. It will provide a platform for women to voice their concerns and develop solutions to manage economic, societal and cultural challenges. Issues ranging from entrepreneurship and the impact of climate change, to reproductive health and developing socially responsible enterprises will be discussed through stimulating, thought-provoking debates, TEDx-like talks, and workshop sessions.

This transformational event will create a group of change agents, passionate about driving and implementing actions that will help countries in Africa across the development continuum. It will also serve as the foundation for the birth of new, impactful initiatives and institutions.

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Photo source: GovernmentZA


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