Attend: Public Hearing on Not-for-Profit Sector Code in Nigeria

NGOs and interested stakeholders are invited to a public hearing on the Exposure Draft of the National Code of Corporate Governance 2015: Not-for-Profit Sector Code.

This invitation came following a court injunction restraining the Council from carrying out the public hearing.

NNNGo says the Court has given Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRC) leave to hold the public hearing.

The meeting is organised by the FRC and the NNNGO is only mobilising a sector wide participation at this event, given its understanding of the implications of a code such as this for the Nigerian NGO sector.

For ease of reference and to aid your preparation, a copy of the code can be downloaded here

All NGOs in Nigeria are encouraged to attend this event in order to share their thoughts, comments and experience on the Not-for-Profit Sector Code.


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