Attend: HCA Roundtable on Education

What: Pre-AU Summit Roundtable on Education

When: 12–13 February, 2024

Where: Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa, or Zoom

Organised by Human Capital Africa (HCA), the Pre-AU Summit Roundtable focuses on the significance of foundational learning in Africa’s educational landscape, particularly in the context of the African Union’s 2024 Year of Education.

Attendees are expected to engage in dynamic discussions led by esteemed guests, including African heads of state, ministers, business leaders, economists, youth leaders, and education specialists.

The roundtable aims to reinforce government commitments and actions to address the learning crisis, linking the future of the continent to the actions taken today to improve foundational literacy and numeracy skills for African children.

The event is designed to collaboratively chart a course towards resilient education systems and increased access to quality learning across Africa.

To attend and for more information, click here. 

Photo source: Human Capital Africa


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