Attend: Global Studies Conference 2020

What: Global Studies Conference 2020, ’Globalisation and Social Movements: Familiar Patterns, New Constellations?’

When: 0405 June, 2020

Where: Online

Each year, the Global Studies Conference (GSC) draws a diverse group of participants from all over the world. The programme development team draws on this diversity to craft a rich and distinctive conference experience. The conference will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field. The conference programme groups together presentations along similar themes to facilitate knowledge sharing and community building.

GSC attendees include leaders in the field as well as emerging scholars who travel to the conference from all corners of the globe and also represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. A variety of presentation options and session types offer opportunities for attendees to share their work, discuss key issues in the field, and build relationships with other attendees.

The conference features research addressing the following annual themes: Economy and Trade; Politics, Power, and Institutions; Society and Culture; and, Resources and Environment.

The 13th GSC will be a virtual-only event.

To attend and for more information, click here.

Photo source: AFRICOM


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