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african women summit

What: Africa Women Summit 2024, ‘Women’s Health: Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change’

When: 08–10 May, 2024

Where: Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

The fifth Africa Women Summit aims to bring together influential leaders, advocates, experts, and stakeholders from across Africa and the globe to address critical issues surrounding women’s health.

With the theme ‘Women’s Health: Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change’, the summit seeks to create a platform for open dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative action to improve women’s health outcomes in Africa.

Despite significant progress in various areas, women in Africa still face numerous challenges concerning their health and well-being. Gender disparities, limited access to health care, cultural stigmatisation, and socio-economic barriers hinder women from realising their full health potential. This summit acknowledges these challenges and seeks to find innovative solutions and strategies to overcome them.

The Africa Women Summit 2024 is an important event that can benefit a wide range of individuals and groups who are interested in the empowerment and advancement of women in Africa.

Participants are expected to be passionate about women’s issues, gender equality, and empowerment. The event is open to women leaders and entrepreneurs, government leaders, civil society organisations, educators and researchers, health care professionals, youth leaders, business and industry leaders, community leaders, international organisations, students and young professionals, philanthropists and donors,

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