As Supreme Court Rules on Tinubu’s Election

Supreme Court Judgement

Nigeria’s political environment is rife with tensions ahead of the country’s Supreme Court judgment on the 2023 presidential election.

Development Diaries reports that the apex court will rule on Thursday, 26 October, on the appeals challenging the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal’s (PEPT) affirmation of President Bola Tinubu’s victory.

It is crucial for Nigerians to understand that they are required to uphold law and order regardless of the court’s verdict.

Democracy relies on peaceful transitions of power and the ability of citizens to accept the decisions of the judiciary. Maintaining peace after an unfavorable ruling is crucial for the democratic process to work effectively.

Furthermore, Supreme Court decisions are binding and reflect the highest legal authority in the land; therefore, respecting and abiding by the ruling is essential for the stability and integrity of the legal system.

Responding to a Supreme Court ruling with anger and violence can lead to social unrest and potentially dangerous situations.

Development Diaries calls on Nigerians, political actors, and party supporters to desist from blackmailing or attacking the judiciary and also conduct themselves in a civil manner irrespective of the outcome of the judgment.

Also, we call on security operatives in the country to respect citizens’ right to hold peaceful protests as they (security operatives) work towards ensuring law and order across the country.


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