Apply: UNECA Youth Innovators Competition Bootcamp

Deadline: 05 June, 2020

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) is offering a Youth Innovators Competition and Design Bootcamp on Covid-19.

The bootcamp will bring together a selected number of students from across the continent and their partners. The bootcamp will be organised through a major online platform, for promoting innovation and instilling entrepreneurial competencies and imparting technical skills that may not be taught at colleges and universities in Africa (e.g. coding mobile devices, rapid prototyping with 3D printing etc). Students will work in teams to address common challenges, attend classes and will have access mentors and coaches.


  • At the end of the two weeks, excellence awards will be offered to teams that display extraordinary innovation and entrepreneurial talent in their project concept, design and implementation in four categories: novelty of the concept, potential economic impact, potential social impact and potential health impact
  • Besides the opportunities to meet business and government leaders, the top 20 innovations selected in each of the two categories will be profiled on the ECA and partners’ websites, and the top ten in each category will be given the opportunity to convince and get the support of judges, governments, investors and potential partners and collaborators


  • The bootcamp is open to all youths up to the age of 30 that may or may not be in colleges and universities across Africa, including those in innovation hubs or in employment are welcome
  • Participants might be supported by partners abroad as well as professionals in research centres, innovation hubs, universities and institutes as well as government and business leaders
  • They will be welcome to serve as talent scouts, mentors, coaches and guest lecturers

To apply and for more information click here.

Photo source: Mlabsa


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