Apply: FOMA 2020 Small Grant Programme

Deadline: 31 May, 2020

The Friends of Malawi Association (FOMA) Charitable Trust Fund has announced a call for applications for its small grant programme. The grants are usually oriented toward social, educational and healthcare projects but they will consider any project that will improve the welfare of Malawians or further the objectives of the Association.

FOMA makes grants to carefully selected small projects in Malawi where they believe their contribution can make a distinctive difference in ways that other bigger charities and organisations may not. Applications from charitable organisations, registered either in the UK or Malawi, are encouraged, particularly from those with connections to FOMA members.


  • Grants are generally up to £1,000 in any one year to any one organisation (in certain circumstances, support may be extended to a greater amount or for longer but not for more than three consecutive years, subject to project outcomes and review)



  • FOMA prefers to fund a complete small project or a defined component, such as the purchase of equipment or materials, within a larger project
  • In general, FOMA does not fund the following:
    • General project expenditure or day-to-day running costs, meeting expenses, office consumables or airtime
    • Individual education sponsorship (school fees, university fees, training fees)
    • Fixed salaries, meal allowances and travel expenses or other personal payments
    • Any projects that are for the benefit of a single individual or small group of people only
    • Any project that harms the environment or has political associations


To apply and for more information, click here.

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