Apply: CIVICUS Solidarity Fund 2020

Deadline: 08 April, 2020

A central tenet of membership in the CIVICUS alliance is belonging to a global movement that stands in solidarity. In this spirit, the alliance launched the CIVICUS Solidarity Fund (CSF), a member-led and member-resourced granting mechanism.


The Flexible Funding leg of the CSF provides funding:

  •  To address a specific problem or need for a particular community
  • To support cutting-edge work and innovative ideas  designed to assist or enhance the capacity of a targeted community to meet its needs.
  • For costs of legal action, media coverage, travel/participation support to mission-aligned events and enhancing safety/wellness of activists and their communities
  • To sustain the daily activities of individual advocacy work or an organisation’s work (including salary for personnel, office rent etc)


To apply for the Flexible Funding of the CSF, applicants must:

  • Be CIVICUS voting members or associate members
  • Submit proposals that demonstrate clear challenges and an actionable response to those challenges
  • Submit proposals that cleary strengthen civil society and civic space by promoting sustainable change
  • Submit proposals that benefit the broader community in an impactful or scalable way
  • Submit proposals that face difficulty being funded from other sources
  • Submit proposals that take an innovative approach or is a bold action
  • Submit proposals that include specific and clear activities on a reasonable timeline (proposed project unfolds over a maximum of 12 months)

To apply and for more information, click here.

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