Apply: AIMS-NEI Fellowship for Women 2020

Deadline: 30 June,  2020

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI) is pleased to invite interested female scientists to apply for the third round of the AIMS-NEI Fellowships for Women in Climate Change Science (WiCCS).

Climate change represents one of humanity’s greatest challenges of the 21st century. The continued ascent of the human species depends to a significant extent on our ability to limit further catastrophic changes to the climate and to adapt to both past and future changes. In many parts of the world, changes in climatic variables – including incessant increases in temperature and declines in precipitation – are already having detrimental impacts on food security, human health, energy, biodiversity, etc. Some of these impacts further alter the climate – eg plant biodiversity loss reduces CO2 sequestration and contributes to rising temperatures – creating positive feedback loops with increasingly perilous consequences for humanity.

It is recognised, including by international institutions like the United Nations, that a sustainable societal response to these challenges requires the collective participation of both men and women. However, women have historically had fewer opportunities than men to play significant roles in society’s quest for solutions to climate change. This is despite the fact that in many parts of the world, women’s livelihoods are more dependent on climate-sensitive services afforded by natural ecosystems, making them more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

The AIMS-NEI Fellowship Programme seeks to increase women’s participation in, and contribution to, a more sustainable societal response to climate change.


  • The fellowship is worth up to $35,000 (the exact amount of the fellowship will be specified at the time of the award; this amount will be paid to the fellow in three installments in accordance with a schedule that will be defined at the time of the award)


  • Applicants must be female
  • Applicants must be in possession, before the fellowship start date, of a doctorate in a quantitative discipline, including but not limited to Applied Mathematics, Climatology, Physics, Computational Chemistry, Statistical Ecology, Computer Science, Theoretical Biology, and Engineering
  • Applicants must be currently employed, on either a permanent or a temporary basis, in a non-profit work environment, including government
  • Applicants must be actively engaged in research, policy, and/or practice relevant to climate change modelling, mitigation, adaptation, and/or resilience, among others
  • Applicants must be the lead and/or senior author of at least one refereed publication on a topic relevant to climate change modelling, the causative factors of climate change, climate change mitigation, adaptation, and/or resilience, etc

To apply and for more information, click here.

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